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With the Name of  G-d, The Most Merciful Benefactor, The Most Merciful Redeemer

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Greetings and Welcome to Al-Haqq Islamic Center

Al-Haqq Islamic Center is one of several Islamic centers in the greater Kansas City area that was birthed out of an idea that comes from the Qur'an: "... then strive all together as in a race towards all that is good!..." (Holy Qur'an-2:148)

Our goal is to call all people to the best of their humanity. We first plan to accomplish this by becoming living examples of the rewarding life that G-d calls all his servants to. Thereafter, by fostering an understanding of the religion of Al-Islam that would realign us with the original pattern that was established for human excellence as exemplified through all G-d's Prophets. Next we plan to assist in the establishment of model communities by following the guidance of G-d and the example of Muhammad the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who established the first model community in Medina over 1400 years ago.

It is our prayer that this website will offer balanced, helpful information for all those seeking a better understanding of the religion of Al-Islam and the people who refer to  themselves as Muslim.