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Retiring Our Debt
66.89 %
Goal: $45000.00 | Raised: $30100.00 Started: July 21, 2015
Ended: October 3, 2015

We are curently fundraising to retire the debt on our property at 6941 Prospect Ave, here in Kansas City Missouri.  Alhamdulilah (All Praise Be to G-d) We were blessed to get our mortgage balance down to just $15,000.00.

Please help us by donating via this campaign that we will be running over the next 60 days so that InshaAllah (God willing) we will be in position to retire our mortgage within the next 2 months. Thank you in advance for your assistance and may the Peace that only comes from God be with you!

Top Donors

  1. A'gama Baheyadeen - $100.00