Al Haqq Islamic Center 

With the Name of  G-d, The Most Merciful Benefactor, The Most Merciful Redeemer

About Us



The mission of the Al-Haqq Islamic Center is to call all people to the best of their humanity first by becoming living examples of the rewarding life that G-d calls all his servants to. Thereafter, by fostering an understanding of the religion of Al-Islam that would realign us with the original pattern that was established for human excellence as exemplified through all G-d's Prophets. Next by assisting in the establishment of model communities by following the guidance of G-d and the example of Muhammad the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who established the first model community in Medina over 1400 years ago.


Al-Haqq Islamic Center began Friday,Mach 18th, 2006 with only a couple of families meeting for Friday congregational prayers, in a small meeting room at a local community center. The small group organized themselves because they had a strong desire to respond to a verse in Qur'an where G-d instructs the believers to "strive as in a race towards all that is good."  Although these families came from a great Islamic community; they felt that if they were to move out into another area of the city, they would have a chance to answer G-d's call by competing with other Islamic centers, including the one that birthed them, in calling all to the best of their human excellence; leading by example. 

 Within a short period of time, membership at Al-Haqq Islamic center grew from just a few families, to 50 adults and several children.

At this point in Al-Haqq Islamic Center's history, they moved from the community center into a space in the back of a commercial business that was owned and operated by Imam Salaam so that they could save money to purchase a property they could call home.

Intent on making progress, this community worked really hard and with the help of Allah (G-d), quickly found and entered into a purchase contract for a property they could call their own.

Al Haqq Islamic Center is now located at 6941 Prospect Avenue on the south side of Kansas City, Missouri. 


Al-Haqq Islamic Center is working hard to retire the debt on our property, while working diligently towards our plans of establishing businesses, a school, and the the complete build out of a model community.

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